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Maxx Gym Holdall Gear Bag Backpack Duffle Kit Sports MMA Gym Bag Muay thai Yoga
Item Description: Heavy duty Durable canvas Kit bag Gym, Bag Hand held & adjust..
Maxx Gym Straps Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps Cross fit Bodybuilding Power Training Workout Exercise
  Main features:-       Sold as pair   They ar..
Maxx Head Harness Strong Neck Muscles Building Weight Lifting Gym Chain Exercise
Item Description:   The ultimate Maxx head harness neck training equipment, designed..
Maxx Neoprene 0.5kg Weighted Training Shadow Exercise Boxing Aerobics Wrist Gloves
Item Description:   Strong neoprene padded grip pads, alternative to weightlif..
Maxx Neoprene Padded Cuff Weight Lifting Training Gym Straps Hand Grip Support
Item Description:   MAXX New  pair of Figure "8" weight lifting ..
MAXX NEW Knee Wraps Weight Lifting Bandage Straps Guard Powerlifting Pads Sleeves Gym
Item Desription: Measure 78" long & 3" wide Constructed from heavy duty elastic..
Main Features:   This straps are made of high quality materials, sturdy and dura..
MAXX Padded Weight Lifting Training Gym Straps Hand Bar Wrist Support Gloves
  Main features:-   Grip Flex Gel Wrist Pad cushions the wrist during h..
Maxx Powerbag Weighted Training Bag Handles Weight Lifting Crossfit Fitness Ufc
Item Description: Made of High Quality Synthetic Leather 5-25kg Heavy Filled ..
MAXX Pro Flex Grip Gel Paded Neoprene Gym Straps Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps Crossfit Hand Bar
  Main features:-   Gym Straps are made from highly-durable Neoprene ma..
Maxx Pro Weightlifting Rubber Pads Gym Strap Wrist Wraps Hand Grips Heavy Duty
Item Description:   GREATER SAFETY with these heavy duty rubber pads that give..
Maxx Weight lifting body building gloves Gym Strap Training Flex Leather Gloves
Maxx Weight lifting body building gloves Gym Strap Training Flex Leather Gloves   &n..
MAXX Weight Lifting Straps Hook Bar Wrist Support Grip Gym Power Training Gloves
  Main Features:-   Constructed using high-quality nylon for durability..
Maxx Weight Vest Body Weights Training Jacket
  Main features:-    1 - MAXX training VEST Designed to help in l..
Maxx Weighted Jacket Contoured Training Vest 10kg 12kg 14kg 20kg Weighted Vests
Item Description: Suitable for walking, distance running or speed, agility and quickness ..
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