Maxx 4ft filled Punching Bag Angle Body Boxing Upper Cut Bag Gloves MMA Unfilled

Maxx 4ft filled Punching Bag Angle Body Boxing Upper Cut Bag Gloves MMA Unfilled
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This set includes:-


 1 4ft durable MAYA GRAIN Leather Punch Bag (Weight approx 25KG).  

1 pair Quality construction MAYA GRAIN Leather cut finger boxing gloves.

Main Features:-

Durable MAYA GRAIN  Leather filled bag gives the sensation of hitting a real opponent.

Offers a combined level of features, Ideal for martial arts, fitness and boxing.

Great for combination workouts including low, high kicking & punching.

Designed for greater mobility and strength.

Bag can either have chains or straps depends on stock


Known to be beneficial in the following :-

• Aids improvement in Upper-Body Strength and muscle building
• Aids improvement in Punching Power
• Enhances Cardio Vascular Exercise, Overall Stamina and fitness
• improvement in Hand Speed
• Aids improvement in Overall Co-ordination
• Aids Improvement in Performance

Ideal for kicking and punching


Punchbag specifications :-

• Economic & Durable, Built to endure the rigors of even the toughest gyms

• Machine filled with fabric cuttings to the weight of approx 25kg

• Zip Top design enables you to customize your bag

• You can make lighter or heavier by adding lighter or denser filling

• Made of High Quality Durable Synthetic Leather

• Easy to set up, easy to use

• Comes with strong hanging Straps / chains with steel rings

• Tested for strength and endurance

• A very versitle and essential piece of gym equipment and a great investment


High quality black padded Rex leather Cut Finger Boxing Gloves.Traditional cut finger design.
Ideal for punch bag workouts. Constructed of the finest rex leather outside with super dense and liner elastic. 

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